Our Services

Whether you’re a local authority running a leisure centre or a facilities management company with a portfolio of sites we can help. And if you are an independent business, like a campsite, golf club, private leisure club or holiday lettings business we are the company for you.

We are specialist commercial pool engineers. For everything from underwater tiling to plant room rebuilds, we’ll deal with it – without draining your pool or your budget.

We deal with underwater repairs, ongoing servicing & maintenance and installations & refurbishment and staff training. We also sell commercial chemicals to keep your water in top condition.

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From large leisure facilities to small campsite pools we offer a professional and friendly face for all our customers.

We cover every area of your wet leisure facilities, including all plant room systems, sauna, steam rooms and equipment.

Our special skill lies in problem solving and fault diagnosis.  We do our best to save you time and money wherever possible.

Installations & Refurbishments

Equipment Installation

We install new equipment as part of refurbishment and plant room rebuild the local authorities, facilities management companies and independent businesses.


To get the best out of your pool, you need to know your pool areas are safe and look great, while your plant room works efficiently. Sometimes, all you need is a check-up and a freshen-up.

Small-scale pool installations

We install commercial hot tubs and swimming pools on campsites and holiday lettings sites, as well as schools and health spas to help you maximise your business.

Servicing & Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Ensuring the safety of your bathers is your top priority. But staying on top of repairs, servicing and health & safety compliance is a tough job. Without a service plan in place, you can end up chasing your tail reacting to emergencies, rather than proactively preventing them.

Planning for peace of mind

Old and badly serviced equipment fails, which leads to mounting maintenance costs, not to mention a health risk. Ongoing servicing extend the lifespan of equipment and maximises its efficiency. Using a planned maintenance schedule will keep your pool and service equipment running smoothly and efficiently to maximise the lifespan of your pool plant. We will send you maintenance reminders to help you manage your servicing, which will save you money in the long run - by keeping maintenance costs low.

Health & Safety compliance

With a regular service plan in place, you have peace of mind that everything complies with Health & Safety regulations. We will give you the latest guidelines and explain what they mean – it's all part of the service.

Underwater Repairs

An empty pool is an expensive pool. If some equipment is not working, or a broken tile is reported, it can cause a risk to customers, which can lead to a pool closure. We help you avoid charges and loss of income by sending in HSE qualified divers to fix the problem and the water – no need to empty the pool to assess the problem and fix it.

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Staff Training

Training to equip your staff

Your staff need to know how the equipment works in order to use it properly. You need to know they understand the right processes and to make sure they stay up-to-date on H&S compliance.

What's involved

A training day takes around five hours, depending on the amount of people. It includes theory and practical training which gets the whole group involved in problem-solving. This does not replace the need for Pool Plant Operators’ training for at least one member of staff at your site.

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Site-specific training

We deliver training to new and existing staff on your premises. We teach them about your plant room and pool dosing systems on location. This gives them (and you) confidence, meaning they make better decisions to keep everyone safe and save you money.